Enter your Curiosity

The Fairy Ring has been with me my entire life because it is me. It comes from a place of defiance and wonder. I am the only one who will decide what my life will be and you have the same power. My only job is to remind you of your personal power. No one can save you but yourself but here you find a safe space to explore your inner magic, your wildness, your beauty that comes from light and dark. I never stopped believing in magic because it is real. I feel protective of most of my story but I promise if I can live a life of freedom so can you. 

My name is Michelle. I am your spiritual friend and creator behind The Fairy Ring. Here we explore mysticism, magic, spirituality, art, esoteric occult, our light, and our dark. I try to focus my work on creating beauty in your life and my life and giving us a practical approach to creating the life of our dreams. A work of fantasy. We are all going to die, you're here to experience. What you do with the resources I create is up to you. It is your story. I cannot save you but I am always wishing you the world of your fantastical dreams.

From my magic to yours---let's create a portal to change our reality. 



Photography by Amanda Foote 

©Michelle Watts | Lines of the Lark 2020