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It can feel tricky knowing what to ask when getting a reading done. Know that it is completely fine (and quite common) to just ask for a general reading if you don't know what to ask. No tarot reader/spiritual guide should ever pressure you to give more information than you're comfortable with sharing. However, if you are looking for some ideas, here are 100+ ideas for questions you can ask:

  1. What is my divine destiny?

  2. What are my spiritual gifts?

  3. How do I get inspired again?

  4. What are my creative gifts?

  5. How can I best heal myself?

  6. How can help myself cope with anxiety and depression?

  7. What is my higher self wanting to tell me?

  8. What have my dreams been trying to tell me?

  9. How do I manifest more love in my life?

  10. What does the universe love about me?

  11. How can I best help those I love?

  12. How can I make the world a better place?

  13. What are my subconscious blocks? How can I remove them?

  14. I just lost someone. How do I handle this grief?

  15. What are some good career paths for me?

  16. What can I do to progress in my career?

  17. Am I on the right career path?

  18. What messages are there from my spirit guides?

  19. What messages are there from my ancestors?

  20. Are there any messages for me from the other side? *Careful with these kinds of questions. Watch this video for more info how to to spiritually protect yourself*

  21. How can I bring more positivity in my life?

  22. How do my pets see me?

  23. How can I improve my relationship/marriage/friendship?

  24. Is this true love?

  25. Do I have a soulmate or soul family?

  26. How do I manifest more abundance and prosperity in my life?

  27. Are there any books, movies, or other media that might have special messages for me?

  28. How do I best handle this situation?

  29. How do a balance my chakras? Which ones are blocked or overactive?

  30. Why do I keep thinking about this thing? What does it mean?

  31. What are these signs (images, numbers, etc) trying to tell me?

  32. How can I manage my anxiety and depression?

  33. I don't feel like myself. What's going on?

  34. What are some things that I would be naturally good at?

  35. Am I in a toxic situation? How do I get out?

  36. Should I stay in this relationship or move on?

  37. Is there someone around me who needs my help?

  38. Are there any goddess/god/energy archetypes that want to work with me? *caution*

  39. How do I strengthen my intuition?

  40. How can I can find more support or independence?

  41. How do I best deal with this difficult person or conflict?

  42. Is this good time to move? Where?

  43. How can I manifest a child or improve fertility?

  44. How can make better friends? How can I be a better friend?

  45. How am I currently changing as a person?

  46. How can I let this person or thing go?

  47. How can I spiritually evolve?

  48. I have two paths. Which one is the best possible choice?

  49. What am I not seeing?

  50. Where will be in a year? 5? 10?

  1. What is my spirit or totem animal?

  2. Are we going on similar or separate paths?

  3. Is this good person to do business or collaborate with?

  4. Who am I?

  5. How can find more peace in my life?

  6. How do I manifest my dream life?

  7. How do I help this person or how do I ask for help?

  8. How can I improve body image?

  9. How can I create more stability in my life?

  10. What kind of relationship should I manifest?

  11. What am I projecting? Is someone else projecting onto me?

  12. What are my nightmares trying to tell me?

  13. Why can't I move on?

  14. What are new opportunities or beginnings heading my way?

  15. What do I need more or less of in my life?

  16. Who was I in a past life?

  17. Is everything going to be okay?

  18. How can I stand out more in my current role?

  19. How can I improve my health and vitality?

  20. What can I learn from the past? What good can come from this experience?

  21. How do I manifest my dream home? Where should I live?

  22. How can I better protect myself?

  23. How can I best come of out of the closet and show people the real me?

  24. How do I find peace and celebration in my sexual or gender identity?

  25. Where can I find positive recognition?

  26. What was the purpose of this connection?

  27. Am I natural psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, etc? How do I enhance this talent?

  28. What am I afraid to do? How do I overcome this fear?

  29. Where in the world should I travel? I feel drawn to this place, could it mean something?

  30. How can I learn to trust myself?

  31. What is the energy around this situation?

  32. How can I better practice self-love/self-care?

  33. How can I set myself free?

  34. Are there any opportunities around me that I’m not taking advantage of?

  35. What things in my life I can be grateful for? What’s the silver lining?

  36. Am I being too hard on myself or too easy? Or too hard or too easy on them?

  37. How can I connect more to nature and the world around me?

  38. How can I heal my self-limiting beliefs?

  39. What kind of plants and crystals should I keep in my home?

  40. How can I feel more beautiful and confident?

  41. How do I heal this generational trauma or break this negative family cycle?

  42. How can mend this relationship with my family member?

  43. Why am I self-sabotaging?

  44. What is their love language and what is mine?

  45. How do I embrace my divine feminine or masculine?

  46. Do I live more in the past, the present, or the future? Is there a tense I need to give more or less attention to?

  47. What is the energy next month?

  48. What is my greatest fear? What caused it?

  49. What is my greatest hope/desire? Why is it so important to me?

  50. Which angel should I work with and ask for protection?

  51. What color is my aura?

  52. What are my intuitive gifts?

  53. What am I do now that will pay off in the future?

  54. How can I heal negative karma? Promote good karma?

Hope this was helpful! I personally used some of these questions in my youtube readings. If you can think of anymore questions you would like to add to the list, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Take care Xx Michelle

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